Welcome To Minnesota Prayer breakfast

Welcome To Minnesota Prayer breakfast

We are a group of friends seeking to know and follow Jesus and inviting our friends and neighbors to join us. We don’t have all the answers. We know the search for unity means laying down some of our preferences and the ways we’ve always done things and to be open to the wisdom of others.

Daily Prayer

Start your day with a scripture and devotional!

In association with the National Prayer Breakfast in DC, we are pleased to provide an original daily devotional which is designed to enhance our life of prayer, service and following Jesus. It arrives early each morning 365 days a year in your email Inbox.

*To sign up, please just send an email to this address (copy and paste address): scripture_of_the_day+subscribe@googlegroups.com

(You will automatically start to receive the daily devotionals each morning. Daily messages are written by a friend of both the National Prayer Breakfast and the Minnesota Prayer Breakfast who lives in MN.)


The replay of the 2022 breakfast program is now available!

Our focus, “RECOVERY IN JESUS”, featured keynote speaker John Ortberg and prayer with Minnesota communities linked into the event.

Past Prayer Breakfasts

 We know that God loves each and every one of the over 5 million Minnesotans. We gather to work and pray for unity so that they can come to know him and have their lives transformed by his love.

Dontate Today

Your donation will help offset expenses and ensure a quality program. Thank you for your financial support of this important event!

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